We know it isn’t healthy for us to eat fast food meals every day, right? The same goes for the health of our pets. Many pet foods have cheap fillers and added ingredients like salt, sugar and other chemicals that make poor quality foods taste wonderful, but are not best for the long term health of our animals. Our pets’ lives are short in comparison to ours, so feeding a premium quality diet gives your dog or cat the tools to live a healthier life. Good nutrition may also aid your pet in overcoming various health issues.

The diets we carry are carefully screened and evaluated constantly. They contain quality ingredients, higher protein levels and lower carbohydrates. All foods we carry exclude corn, wheat, soy, chemical preservatives, by-products, artificial flavorings or colors - the junk is left out! We prefer to deal with manufacturers who control and carefully monitor their ingredients and production facilities, and who demonstrate a clear passion for producing top quality foods, rather than focusing on answering to shareholders.

Click below for some examples of the lines that we currently carry:


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