Please stop by our Denver store and we'll be delighted to help you in choosing the best quality foods, treats and supplements for your dogs and cats, keeping them well-rested in our luxurious beds, having them look their sharpest in our stylish collars and harnesses, and amusing them with our unique toys!

We're located in the heart of the Lowry Town Center at 200 Quebec St, Denver CO 80230.  See below for store hours or call 303-344-2663 if you have any questions!  We are NOT affiliated with chewy dot com.

Does your pet have bad breath, yellow/brown plaque near the gum line, red/swollen/bleeding gums or loss of interest in eating or chewing?  If so, your pet is showing symptoms of oral disease, which can cause pain and ultimately lead to costly extractions, heart disease, and other serious medical issues.

Keep your dog or cat's mouth in tip-top shape with regular vet checkups and tooth brushing.  And since February is Pet Dental Month, select dental chews and oral health care products are 20% off while supplies last!

Plagued by food allergies?  Ask us about raw diets, novel proteins, going grain-free and other options that might help solve your dietary blues.

Is your puppy destroying your shoes or kid's toys?  Bring home naturally-harvested elk and moose antlers (great for hard chewers), roasted bison and ostrich bones, raw bison and beef marrow bones and interactive treat puzzles.  For something really different, try goat horns, water buffalo horns and Ruff Roots.  We also have feather chasers and catnip toys galore for the kitties! 

After a fun romp at the reservoir or play date at the dog park, get your pup squeaky clean again!  Give them a bath in our self-service dog wash, complete with our signature Blueberry Facial - or make an appointment to have our experienced staff do all the work for you!  We also offer full grooming services including breed-specific cuts, but we're currently booking 3-5 weeks out, so please plan ahead if your dog needs a haircut!



Save 20% on select dental chews and oral health care products for your furry pal!




M-F 10a-7p • Sa 9a-6p • Su 11a-5p Dog baths must be completed 30 min. before store closes

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