Avoid having to clean up at home by using our “do it yourself” dog wash

Enjoy giving your dog a bath at Chewy’s self-service bathing facility!  Please do any necessary brushing at home first.  When you arrive, check in on the patio and we'll set you up for the next available tub (first come, first served).

We provide an apron for you, our signature Blueberry Facial, premium shampoo, a super absorbent chamois towel and high velocity dryer.  Drying is allowed until another customer checks in for your tub - then you'll have 10 more minutes to wrap up.  All you need to bring is yourself and a dirty dog!

Tubs are designed for easy access, accommodate dogs of all sizes and are elevated to minimize back strain. Up to two people allowed at each tub - we ask that additional family and friends remain outside.  

Self-service baths are $20 per dog, but start a Chewy’s Frequent Bather Card and your 7th bath is free! If you’d like to complete your spa experience with a “pawdicure,” our professional staff can give your dog a nail trim for just $16 more when combined with a bath.  Stand-alone nail trims without a bath are $20.

Please note that self-service baths must be completed 30 minutes before the store closes to give us time to tidy up for the following day.


Save time by letting our professional bathers do it for you

We wash your dog with premium shampoos to clean and deodorize their coat. Each dog receives our signature Blueberry Facial and soothing massage, as well as ear cleaning. We use lavish conditioners to make your dog’s coat soft and shiny. High velocity blow-dryers get your pet completely dry and remove loose fur. All dogs are considered finished when a fine-tooth comb glides through their entire coat.

Bath & brush services start at $55 (nail trim/grinding included) and increase as appropriate based on breed, size, condition and length of coat.  Extras may include sanitary trims and paw trims upon request when booking appointment.

Full grooming (with breed-specific haircut) is available on a limited basis. Currently, we are fully booked for breeds that require a full haircut on a regular basis, such as poodles, doodles, maltese, yorkies, cavaliers, bichons, westies, etc. 

Grooming and bath & brush services are available by appointment only – please call us at 303-344-2663 to schedule a convenient time.  Our groomers are very popular, so please be patient if we can't get your pup in right away. Thanks for your understanding!



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